Migration from Student life to Service life– an experience Part-I

It was 16th July 2007 a fine sunny day in Guwahati a phone rang up from Delhi or Gurgaon could not identify at first started with +9112.. . It only one passed I dropped in Guwahati after saying good bye to Dhenkanal, Orissa where I was pursuing by B.Tech(IT) degree under BPUT(1st Batch… alumnus know the pain) and almost settled there for last 4 years. After returning Guwahati first attempt was to search a job although I have applied and been assured selection in a Company but until you have the offer letter/appointment letter in your hand nothing is confirmed. Moreover I don’t want go out Assam… very first point until there is no option and almost decided to give a sincere try over here. Next morning(ie on 16/07/2007) scanned through the 2nd page of the Assam Tribune …Job section..saw few IT job (Networking Profile) called up the contact number … The gentleman gave me the address and asked to visit his place at Panjabari for Interview. I reached there before time and was just opening the gate I found my mobile ringing. I paused and its dad calling(my Orissa sim was not working as at that time roaming in NER was not possible for rest of India — special treatment by GoI J ). Dad told me somebody from Gurgaon called and enquired about me and my dad gave him my new number, the moment I disconnect the call got the call starting the number mentioned above. Thought the Gurgaon call, it was she who in her polite voice that she had emailed me and asked to check email and revert back immediately. Immediately priority changed and it was now searching an internet cafe, check email and reply back(Ok the company which already had selected me and all my details have been shared to the company just after my 7th Semester). I check email saw the email from company email ids(have @companydomain those days these were most valued emails and decisive factor to identify the fake/placement agency emails who generally use gmail or yahoo). It was regarding the project details, job location, few contact numbers along with their names and designation. I took a print out paid the money to the cafe and moved out search for a silent area in a nearby lane and then made a call to that Gurgaon number. The place of posting was at Kokrajhar(a district HQr of Assam, about 220 km away from Guwahati) where I was assigned to implement an e-Governance project a District level. I told her(HR) that I got the email and will act accordingly. She added you formally join there tomorrow but right now go to the office ie in Kokrajhar and just meet your reporting authorities. I paused for a moment and look at my wrist watch it was 2PM and interrupted her Madam, the place of posting ie Kokrajhar is 220 km away from Guwahati and it took 5-6 hours to reach there from Guwahati and conveyance is also not available and assured her that would reach Kokrajhar tomorrow before 10’o Clock morning. She understood and almost her geographical knowledge enriched. I am sure she might then have check Google maps to cross verify my statistics. Again at almost 3:30 PM she made a call (by that time I reached home) and told me to call the Reporting authority(Non Technical)(at Dist level I had two appointing authority one was technical and the other was non technical whose dept was supposed to be the end user of the project/application). I tried to contact him but no body picked up the land line provide in the email by HR than I made some calls to Kokrajhar(the place was very much known to me where I spent almost 15 years completed by schooling from there) and atlast could gather his mobile number(due to his respectable and dignified post everyone was initially reluctant to provide his personal number). In this process almost it was 5:30 PM i made a call and introduced myself. He told me to report tomorrow. Now the greatest challenge was how to reach Kokrajhar before 10 AM(on 17th July,2007) as committed. Options: Night Trains, Early Morning bus(they never reach before 10), Rajdhani (opted for this). Somehow managed a ticket and boarded train the very next morning. The train started at right time Platform no 1 at Guwahati railway station after travelling for about 30 minutes reached Rangia Jn. The departure time passed but no movement of train. An announcement in the train that some body has fallen ill and the Docs at Rangia would be attending. This made the train almost late by more than 1 hr. Tension started would miss the committed time. At about 9AM from train itself informed all the reporting authorities and at Gurgaon regarding the same and took time upto 12 NOON intentionally said 12 instead of 11 AM although was almost sure that would reach Kokrajhar before 11 so as not to call again. At last reached Kokrajhar Railway Station was greeted by incessant rain and no umbrella. Managed a kid with umbrella to give me a umbrella cover upto a Rickshaw. Went to one decent hotel infact that was the best in the town had that much idea no my utter disappointment. They reception informed no room. Any how put in a nearby not so good lodge. Changed almost drenched dress and taking few documents left for the office. Now its Office Hunt. Although the town is not so big and almost all the Govt office are concentrated in a particular area still few people knew about the office(usually common people are aware of those office which have some importance in their life). Atlast a Govt official helped me locate the office. No Sign Board it was typically housed in some one’s house in the 1st floor of a two storyed building.  For my reception a peon was deputed by his babu … office still not opened. He greeted me and took me to my next reporting boss(technical one) he used to sit in different building. On entering his room I greeted him and he offered me the seat. The technical sir asked to peon to go. He asked about my background…. It was regarding me education, passout year, family background, technical skill set etc. I also asked him few things about him and told him that this place is very much known to me… He seemed me to be the perfect boss what you would expect at the start of your career.

Yepme.com : worst example of ecommerce portal

The man who himself ask friend followers to buy from ecommerce is today sad to say before you purchase do a background study of the portal. Otherwise you would be in the wrong position just see. the trail emails i had with this ecommerce portal.

I dont understand what watch and time zone you people follow. Have not face such a harrassment in my life on ecommerce. better shut down your portal. …. you have broke all world record in your response. I want compensation for so much delay. Disgusting
On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 1:56 PM, Yepme Support <customer.care@yepme.com> wrote:

Dear Customer,


This is in reference to your complaint regarding the refund for the order number – 4428691.


We regret to inform you that due to some technical challenges at our Payment Gateway Partner’s end; your refund request is taking longer than expected. The corrective measures are being taken and we assure you of the resolution.


Please accept our sincere apology towards inconvenience caused to you, we shall keep you updated with the progress on the same.


We appreciate your support and cooperation


In case your complaint is not resolved in next 48 hours, feel free to contact us at 0120-4851250 between 9 AM to 9PM (7 days a week).


Assuring you of our best services always!



Warm Regards,

Customer Support Team XII


On 31 December 2013 20:24, Tamojyoti Bose <tamojyoti.bose@gmail.com> wrote:

Are you people still alive in this world

On Sat, Dec 21, 2013 at 4:40 PM, Yepme Support <customer.care@yepme.com> wrote:

Dear Customer,


Thank you for writing to yepme.com. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


This is with reference to your query regarding paymenmt issue. We would like to inform you that we have alerady forwarded this concern to our concerned department and still in process. We will get back to you as soon as possible whenever the concern will resolve.


We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.


For further assistance feel free to call us to our customer care number at 0120-4851250.


Assuring you of our best services always!


Warm Regards,

Customer Support Team VIII


On 19 December 2013 05:25, Tamojyoti Bose <tamojyoti.bose@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks that it at last you took the pain to reply and can I know when can I expect complete redressal of my grievances
On Tue, Dec 17, 2013 at 11:18 AM, Yepme Support <customer.care@yepme.com> wrote:

Dear Customer,


Thank you for writing to yepme.com. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience that you experienced.


This is with reference to your concern regarding online transaction.


We thank you for your co operation & sharing the details with us. Please note that your request has been forwarded to the concern department and it will be looked after on priority.


We would like to request you to call us to our customer care number at 0120-4851250 for any further assistance.


Assuring you of our best services always!



Warm Regards,

Customer Support Team I



On 14 December 2013 04:46, Tamojyoti Bose <tamojyoti.bose@gmail.com> wrote:

On Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 1:40 PM, Tamojyoti Bose <tamojyoti.bose@gmail.com> wrote:


I ordered a pair of shoe from this email id and the details in Trail mail. The transaction details are as follows:
11-Dec-2013 (11-Dec-2013) TO TRANSFER
INB Emvantage Payments Pvt Lt
 131112020741-3587IGO7368191 TRANSFER TO 32794375003 EMVANTAGE PAYMENTS PRI   424.00
But on logging into your portal when i went to Order Status link i couldnot find any details there moreover order conformation/ shipping alert have not been emailed or sms ed. Please look into matter as reply back asap
On Wed, Dec 11, 2013 at 2:00 AM, Yepme <support@yepme.biz> wrote:


Thanks for joining on Yepme community. Yepme frequently sends shopping deals to its subscribers based on their preferences. You have set the following preference for your promotional mailer:

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Website: Not Alladin ka Chirag

Friend want to share my experience encountered few years back while developing a website.

Discussion phase:

  1. Will start description of their establishment showing his print media materials(card/brochure/fliers etc)
  2. Will show example of the best portals of the world for example(even at times will refer to facebook/tripadvisor etc) and he will demand a replica
  3. Minimum budget (will refer his friend made it in 2k 0r 3k … ordinary site builder even some developer cheat them by using free blog also … indeed they are supposed to be cheated)
  4. Extraordinary Graphics(usually from his print material)/animated(flash) content(will say ..it looks so nice naa..)
  5. Will always require the premium domain(already taken by others)

After Development Phase:

  1. Will never type the domain in address bar of the browser(will type google.com in address bar or at time it happen to be the default page of the browser …OS installer has made it default)
  2. In google they will search their domain(disgusting… calls you and ask …its not appearing in google just after few hours of hosting!!!)
  3. After being supplied with graphics and shared hosting their expectation site should load with a click (supplied with slow internet connection)
  4. Demand their site to be on the top of the Google listing (will not spend a penny …. )
  5. After 15 days I didnt got a single business call from website(did nothing for promotion … not even updated the web address in the card/letterhead not even the signature of the email id)

After 1 year:

  1. Forgot that the domain and hosting need to extended(will not also pay for 3 years at the time of initial registration)
  2. Some how got educated now will demand facebook/twitter etc(… some where seen that facebook pages and twitter handle for others site)
  3. Agreed and created both by the provider(now no updates … so no follower and no likes … its not working properly)
  4. Content stale– no change– no time to redevelop the content(not even will spend to arrange a content developer)
  5. Will suggest copy and paste from some other sites(content and images) (somebody pls put them behind bars.. whereis copyright policies)

After 2nd year:

  1.  Will say am not going to continue it any more (no payment domain cancelled)
  2. Will search from pillar to post for some other provider(developer) will discuss and abuse the earlier provider
  3. New provider understand the scenario will either say no or give an inferior solution
  4. In either case unhappy again return back to the previous provider
  5. Now neither domain is available(chances are there somebody already took it) nor the provider wish to deliver any more


By Customer: Software developers are very smart they will extract money from you without giving proper solution.

By Provider: The Clients are not educated have shallow knowledge dont want to pay … market here is very bad.

Reason :

  1. Advent Social Media Network
  2. Availability of Internet(specially in Handheld devices)
  3. Internet Penetration at all levels
  4. Lack of basic knowledge
  5. Marketing (Aggressive infact its wrong to say aggressive …better desperate marketing will require all international clients in a day)

Real Solution: Educate them before you sell and try to say no if it not feasible both economically and technically. Its not Alladin ka Chirag ghis ne se Jin sab kar dega… it require time, passion, well planning, dedication, research and most important money (nothing comes in free or low cost same is case here also)

Mismanagement in conducting examination

Today an online test was conducted for post of officer for the most prestigious bank in the nation.  The test was of online test. Coincidentally my centre was in the most costliest Engineering and management college of Guwahati. This group also have institutions to impart from school education to degree level. You will find posh infrastructure within the campus.

Now coming to the main point the exam was supposed to be conducted from 9:15 AM (as per admit card) and it was advised to reach the center 30 minutes ahead. On being landed to examination center no such notice or roll no board was there in the center. Then two guards put one board with partial list of candidates which cause confusion amongst the candidates whose name were not there. Interestingly there was no authority to address the grievances of the candidates except few security guards who were silent spectators and could hardly realize the situation. At last at about 09:05 AM second board was put which contain the names of other candidates. Now most of the candidates got their roll no and their hall with the computer no allotted to them. Again the entry to the building was being restricted and the admit cards were being checked. Now almost there would be 500 + candidates appearing from this center and only one staff(wearing a Tag of TCS most probably the examination process was outsourced) was scrutinizing and verifying the admit cards and the identity proof and this process started at 9:10 AM. Huge line was made from the desk where the verification process is done to almost the entry  gate of the campus.

I dont know when actually this process was completed because I was almost lucky to be in the front line of the verification process, Then again line to enter the lab where exams would be conducted. I was just recalling the lab no and the computer no when the line was allowed to move and was informed us to take the computers as allotted in the sit plan. Now the funny thing is that the computer numbers allotted in the sit plan doesnt tally with the computer numbers. All the candidates are just moving round and round to get their allotted numbers. Now came an expert who was allotting computer at his will pretending that there is some encrypted formula in the computer with the numbers provided in the sitplan. Now again sitting in the chair in front of the desktop waiting for further instructions when to start the exam. Ultimately at about 10:00 AM instruction was given to login and after reading instruction for 10 minutes our examination time will commence for 130 minutes.

The idea of sharing was I dont know on whose part the mismanagement was to be attributed but one thing is sure we are still not ready for conducting such examination in a city like Guwahati.


Onion Price

Now the name is sufficient to bring tears in your eyes. Thanks to our Government at both State and CenterHow to cope with the situation.

Tips for Government to avoid criticisms and citizens to save themselves from over burden.

  1. Medical Science have proved laughter is the best medicine so by increasing the onion prices Govt is trying to avaiod people crying. indeed a noble gesture. Citizens should welcome this decision.
  2. Government should soon call all the big chefs in India and form a committee to be discover new recipes without onions. reality show like master chef or cooking serials etc should encourage dishes without onion and Govt will provide subsidy.
  3. Regulatory authority to control the selling of Onions. Just like when Gold prices slashed RBI instructed all Banks not to provide loans for any type or form of gold investments. Same can be done in case of Onion no selling of onion till the price decreases. This will also help the business man avoid filling up the the godwons with onion and take the chance of selling them at higher price. Then ofcourse in 2014 election donation to the part fund will decrease and the political part have to cut short their budgets during campaigning
  4. Govt may declare onion as banned food by giving some demerits of onion. This can be nicely declared by giving some fake experiments results that onion has got some diseases so people should avoid onion. Just like swine flu declared to stop selling of pig meat.
  5. At last those who were competitions of having food at Rs 12, 10, Rs 5, Rs 2.50 and Rs 1 should be sent to abroad to avoid this crisis situation because if they still adamant at their rates not a single blow of public will be missed. Already Indian Govt is in financial crunch and dont have enough money for the treatment & plastic surgery of MPs & MLAs


Jai Hind

GMC elections

As the GMC election (Guwahati Municipality Election) is knocking at the door every party is trying their level best to putforward their candidates and proving that their party/members are the best. In this tug of war the general citizen are in dilemma whom to vote as their hopes were every time being shattered after elections and all the assurances turned out to be vague.

Now coming to the important points only elected members cant do anything if we are not aware the of the situations.

  1. Recently my observations business are being shifted from domestic areas(mainly residential areas) instead of commercial uses. I am not pointing out those business which can be run from house but please look into it that your business don require any commercial vehicle(such as pickups, tempos and mid size carrying vehicles) which might be standing in the roads below your house or apartment. This creates traffic problem which in the small lanes and blocking the roads.
  2. Some amount of CSR to be shown by the builders and the apartment societies where the first party is earning or doing business and plying of their commercial vehicles in the residential areas carrying building materials. Moreover these builders are enabling hundred people to stay in a place where there was maximum two or three family with head count of max 10 to 15 people.
  3. Societies formed by the flat owners after purchase should contribute atleast a minimum amount to society to look after some minor works in their own area.
  4. Last not the least the landlords of that area and the people staying in that area should form a society and look into it and prohibit commercial use of the residential area and if necessary should escalate the matter to the higher and law enforcing authorities to take proper action. GMC should also be vigilant in giving permission and should ensure no-objection from the area where the business is proposed.